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To bring new, original Yu Yu Hakusho fic into the light.
Hello and welcome to yyh_contest, the fanfiction challenge community for Yoshihiro Togashi's animanga Yu Yu Hakusho! This is how it works: there will be a prompt given at random every Saturday night. The participants will work on the fic throughout the week, although they may submit their work early. That Friday night, all of the fics will be due, and then they will be judged via voting. Keep in mind, the author cannot vote for their own work. There will be a winner announced before the next prompt is given. Now, on to the rules!

1. Please be respectful. That means no flaming, no chara-bashing, and no pairings wars. Constructive criticism, however, is fully allowed.

2. For the sake of everyone's f-list, please use an LJ-cut.

3. All characters are welcome, and all pairings are welcome. It wouldn't be YYH without the characters, would it? I don't care if you pair Yusuke/Yomi's hair, if it's YYH, we can work with it.

4. Mature, explicit, adult, and erotic fics are absolutely permitted! You don't have to Friend's Lock them, just clearly warn for the subversive elements in the fic in the warnings section. Please don't put any posts under the explicit adult content warning, as well.

4. This is the proper rubric for posting a fic:

Title: [Example] // [Week Number]

Example of an entry:

Title: [Title of Fic]

Title: Sweet // Week 56
Author: Sekahyyh
Rating: PG
Pairings/Characters: Yusuke/Keiko, Kuwabara/Yukina
Warnings: None

Tags: author: sekahyyh

If I feel it necessary, I will add more rules.

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